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Locks are keys have to be the simplest things in the world. Yet, when it comes to security, many of us still prefer it over some complex security system. This is because when it comes to security, troublemakers have gained quite a lot of ground when it comes to breaching digital systems even from a distance. But locks and keys are still very reliable because it has to be unlocked physically and a combination of modern-age systems coupled with traditional works as the best defense these days. New Haven is no exception when it comes to rising crime statistics and it’s better to be safe than sorry. Be it simple or complex, to work with them you need the help of a reliable locksmith – someone you can count on to keep your offices, homes, warehouses or cars, safe and secure with locks. If you are looking for a locksmith in New Haven, reach out to New Haven Locksmith Store. Our trained technicians are the best in the field and will give you a satisfactory output even if the job is difficult. Additionally, New Haven Locksmith Store provides the best quality of service at the cheapest rate. This makes us a better choice for a locksmith in New Haven CT compared to others.

Don’t hesitate to call 203-212-5857 and hire us for a class-apart service experience.

WHY New Haven Locksmith Store?

Our company has been largely successful thanks to the word-of-mouth references that we get. This is because since our inception and all the years than we have been in business since, we have focused on providing quality service and on building a trustworthy relationship with our customers. We were never in this only for the business but as a service to the Connecticut community. This makes us the very best in what we do.

It could be automotive, residential, commercial or emergency issues, our trained professionals are ready for anything and everything. Especially in case of an emergency, we are able to guarantee maximum customer satisfaction because our services are available at all hours, 7 days a week.


The three best things about us that have helped to make a name for us are - top notch service, affordability and the fact that we don’t tolerate delays; but these things weren’t conceived just like that. Before starting out, the other locksmiths in New Haven, couldn’t match up to the quality of service that was required. So, knowing what the people needed, we established these principles from the get-go and now, we are the most trusted locksmiths in New Haven CT.


24×7 Emergency Locksmith Services

Unpleasant situations don’t occur according to your preferences. They can happen at any point of time. Especially when it comes to locks and keys, you might find yourself locked out or looking for a lost key or trying to pry a broken key out of your car’s ignition. In such cases and in New Haven in particular, it is difficult to find a locksmith service which will come to your immediate aid. But don’t worry, because we’re right around the corner. Just call 203-212-5857 and our experts will be by your side in less than half an hour, no matter the time of the day or night.

Automotive Locksmith Services

Have you ever lost your car keys? Did you get locked out? Broken the key in ignition? The next time this happens there is no need to panic. Our full range of services includes automotive locksmith services and our experts know how to handle all car related issues. Our efficient transportation will take our professionals right to you and they will fix it. Whether it is lockout assistance, key cutting or reprogramming the transponder key, we will provide an on-spot solutions so that you can be on your way.

Residential Locksmith Services

There can be no compromises when it comes to home security and while you may have picked out the very best quality lock available, you might have slackened on the maintenance. As a result, the lock might be completely ruined internally but you wouldn’t even know until you get locked out or refuses to lock/unlock. Call New Haven Locksmith Store immediately and we will get you inside without damaging the lock and we will make sure that it doesn’t happen again. You can also avail other services such as key cutting, eviction service, lock rekeying, master key creation, home security consultation among others.

Commercial Locksmith Services

When it comes to an office space, choosing a quality lock system and a locksmith is no easy task. Especially if you are the proprietor, you need to keep the space safe so that everything you have worked for is protected. If you are an employee, the responsibility is even more because a minor slip-up could lead to an ugly lawsuit. No one wants that, so instead of hiring an amateur, let us take care of the security at your commercial work area. We can ensure that our service will help you avoid damages to your workspace. Our range of services and expertise will help you to install state-of-the art lock systems which are in accordance with the code rules of the local authority. We also install panic bars, security grilles, keyless access systems, high security locks and much more.


Be it a routine inspection or an emergency issue, our professionals are so experienced that they can handle all kinds of challenges. We have been in business for many years and it shows in the expertise with which we fix problems. Therefore, hire us today and enjoy our services which will be customized according to your need.


We have loads of competitors who will seemingly provide all the services that we do. But what makes us different is that we stick to our promise unlike the others who will hike up their prices promising a class-apart quality of service and then fail to deliver. We train everyday to get a little better than the previous day and after years of business, we have become such experts that we take negligible amount of time to understand and provide a solution. We are fast, efficient and affordable and are certainly the best locksmith in New Haven CT.

Assured Cheapest Prices

The prices that we offer are the cheapest in the market and yet it doesn’t hinder our quality of service. Even during emergencies, other companies will take full advantage of the fact that it is an unusual hour or simply because you need a locksmith. We never do that. Owing to the relationship we have with our customers, we never charge extra much less compromise on service.

Our Team

We at New Haven Locksmith Store have handpicked the very best locksmiths in the field. These people are true professionals who also have the same objective of customer satisfaction in mind. They are knowledgeable and updated about all the new developments in the lock and key industry thanks to the workshops that are held every month. So you don’t have to worry whether they will be familiar with your lock, be it the latest model or a traditional one.

Fastest on the Block

The quickness of our response speaks for itself and you wouldn’t know until you have hired us. Our customers have repeatedly come back to us for assistance because we respond fast. It is quite a welcome surprise when your problem is fixed in a very short amount of time. Some of our professionals are on the road at all times and our efficient, fully-stocked vans will help them reach you in no time.


We are affordable, dependable, quick and provide excellent service. Without further wait, call us at 203-212-5857 and we will fix all your lock and key problems. We work 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We do not observe any holidays or weekends and therefore we will never fail you when you need us. Reach out to us now!

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